Static Window Clings

Static Window Clings

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Window clings are easy-to-use and affordable advertising prints that you can literally stick to your shop’s window. It’s a sure way of getting your brand and store recognized, and you don’t have to worry if people are going to ignore it – because they can’t if they’re going to come in or pass along your store.

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Unlike most traditional window decals, window clings are designed to be placed on a window, removed when needed, then reused without any loss of adhesion strength. The secret to this is in the vinyl material of the cling which acts like a mini-suction cup when firmly pressed to the surface. To adhere to a window or surface, remove the white backing, spray it and the surface with a light soap and water mixture and press it firmly into place. Your customized cling will then stick to the surface, free of any bubbles or creases.

When you want to reposition the window cling, simply peel it away from the surface, spray with soapy water, and stick again – just like magic! If you want to store the cling in between use, just remove it from the window and re-apply the white, protective backing that came with the window cling.

Use Areas of Static Window Clings

Typical use areas of Static Window Clings are vehicle windows and storefront windows for advertising purposes. It can be applied to any other flat and smooth surface. this product is among the most preferred window signs for various types of businesses.

Features & Benefits

  • 4 mil static window clings – Gloss or Matte
  • Full-color printing (1200 DPI)
  • Printed on white back window clings
  • Maximum size: 52″ x 150′
  • One side printing only
  • Lamination option available, matte or gloss, for longer durability
  • Weather-resistant: waterproof and UV safe
  • Straight cut only
  • 24-48h fast turnaround

Highest Quality Materials Static Window Clings

Most of the time cheap prices come at the expense of quality work. At, we never compromise the quality regardless of how competitive our prices are. On the contrary, we use the highest quality adhesive vinyl materials printed on solvent large format printers. This is why our customers always come back for their printing needs.

Static Window Clings for All Your Needs

At, we are able to produce a variety of custom Static Window Clings at our printing factory equipped with advanced technology large format printers, and an experienced team. Rest assured, we can meet all our customer’s demands without spending a fortune and with guaranteed lowest prices.

Cheapest Static Window Clings is America’s largest banner and sign printers with over 16 years of experience. We offer the lowest prices for any perforated window decal printing in the USA.

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